IoT supervision software & Dashboard

Adisra is a powerful software suite for Windows OS. It can be used to develop IoT applications and migthy HMI, SCADA and Client/Server programs for industrial automatisation.

A performing solution

Built-in development

Built-in Windows development environment and all functionnalities required for HMI, SCADA, OEE et IIoT application programming.

Standards supported

ADISRA SmartView complies with industrial standards : HMTL5, .NET, SQL, XML, SNMP, Client OPC UA, DA, HDA, OPC DA and UA Servers.


Powerful visualization tools which includes thousands of symbols integrated from all Software Toolbox categories.


Seamless connectivity with the devices, using common industrial protocols and 4.0 Industry protocols like MQTT, OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC HDA.


Easily deploy on HMI panels, control rooms, devices, cloud platforms, virtual servers, Web browsers and mobiles devices.


Productive applications

With ADISRA SmartView, you can create powerful HMI et SCADA applications and edit them easily whenever and wherever you like. This software suite is preloaded with communication drivers to integrate effortlessly differents modules, components and devices.. You can stock and get datas from external sources (OPC, Databases, Edge devices, Automata or Cloud).

For any kind of industry

ADISRA SmartView allow you to create high-end applications in multiples fields of industry.

Everything you need to ensure your company success is a pragmatic vision of the future and the ADISRA SmartView solution.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure and learn more about ADISRA SmartView functionnalities and avantages of this HMI development software for creating strong IHM / SCADA programs to visualize your machine datas.